PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 5, 2022

Hot, dry, and windy weather continues to be the dominate factor of the 2022 HRW wheat harvest.  The states of Colorado (99%) complete, Nebraska (97%) complete, Wyoming (99%) complete are all but done.  South Dakota is also winding down quickly, now at 82% complete.  Montana also made major progress this week now approaching half done at 41% complete.  The Pacific Northwest states also made significant progress this week, again as hot and dry weather continues to prevail.  Washington is now 18% complete, Idaho now 15% complete and Oregon at 41% complete.

There have now been 457 samples pulled and sent to the lab for evaluation across 34 grainsheds and 8 states.   Of those 457 there are 432 in various stages of evaluation for mill/dough/bake properties as well as kernel characteristics.  Of the samples now in the lab there have been 40 composites formed by (low/medium/high) protein and by grainshed.  The results of testing to this point are shown in the table below as a summary of kernel information.  Additionally, very early flour yield on the first 24 composites (TX, OK, KS) are ranging from 77%-78%, Test Weight 60.5 lb/bu, size distribution L 56.8%, M 41.7%, S 1.5%, single kernel – 30.3 TKW. Hardness 64.5, ash 1.6 on 12% MB.

Test weights continue to be very good, average above 60 lb/bu (now 60.5 lb/bu) with protein still averaging 12.9% as measured by FGIS.  Dockage increased slightly this week to 0.5% (as a result after rounding up from 0.46% average).  Early overall loaf volumes (first 8 samples) are exceeding expectations, averaging 925cc overall.