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We Serve hard red winter(HRW) wheat producers through our quality testing, timely reporting, enhanced marketing and the development of the buyer relationships.

PGI HRW Harvest Report May 20, 2022

Operating Across the Great Plains and Pacific Northwest

5/20/2022: The 2022 HRW harvest is now underway in central Texas and along the Texas/Oklahoma border on the Oklahoma side. There are only a few fields actually harvested with little information available at this point as to yield or quality. Projections out of those areas are harvest will be in full swing in a week to 10 days. Effects of the prolonged drought in these areas reflect concerns by wheat producers that yields will be only half or less of a “normal year”. Those concerns are also being voiced by states throughout the central Great Plains as well which also suffered those same extremely dry conditions since planting the current crop last fall.

Who We Are & What We Do

Hard Red Wheat FieldPlains Grains, Inc. (PGI) is a private, nonprofit wheat marketing organization dedicated to providing the link between producers of hard red winter (HRW) wheat, grain companies, and foreign and domestic flour millers to benefit all segments of the wheat industry.

Our mission is to:

  • Gather and deliver timely quality and production data
  • Cultivate relationships between producers, elevators, grain handlers, and domestic and foreign millers
  • Effectively market the quality characteristics of annual HRW wheat to interested buyers

We serve the Great Plains and Pacific Northwest states of Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming and are guided by a board of directors who represent these states.

How We Work with Customers

We work with buyers and producers of hard red winter wheat(HRW). For buyers we help want to help you make the best possible purchasing decisions based on the most up-to-date quality wheat information. For sellers we’re able to provide quality data to market your wheat, along with PGI buyer connections to ensure wheat producers receive a fair price.

  • Buyers

    Helping you find the quality you want.

    We are dedicated to helping buyers of hard red winter (HRW) wheat make the best possible purchasing decisions based on the most up-to-date quality wheat information. Through our established relationships with producers, elevators, grain handlers, and domestic and foreign millers, we gather HRW wheat crop quality and production data directly from the sources. Quality testing accurately defines the value of the current year’s HRW wheat for millers and bakers by demonstrating:

    • Where wheat of specific quality can be originated
    • Factors used to determine the value for application in end-use products
    • Unbiased third-party evaluation of flour, dough, and baking properties
  • Producers

    Helping you successfully market your wheat

    Our goal is to successfully link producers of hard red winter (HRW) wheat with buyers from around the globe seeking quality product at a fair price. We are continually identifying ways to strengthen relationships with both domestic and foreign buyers to complement the efforts of U.S. Wheat Associates to market HRW wheat. By providing quality data, we can help millers and bakers make purchasing decisions based on quality factors as well as price. Our annual quality survey helps ensure buyers purchase a consistent product—they will know what to expect from HRW wheat in PGI’s member states. This decreases risk, ensures quality, and allows wheat producers to receive a fair price.

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