PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 12, 2022

USDA NASS Crop Progress now indicates over 91% of the 2022 HRW wheat crop has now been harvested.  However, due to the late development of the crop in Northwestern US, NASS also shows the 2022 crop is well behind the 2021 percent harvested and the 5-year average harvested for this date.  Harvest is now complete in all states south and southeast of Montana.  Hot, dry, and windy weather continues to be the dominate factor of the 2022 HRW wheat harvest.  Montana is now 58% complete with HRW harvest, Washington is 35% complete, Oregon is 71% complete and Idaho is 25% complete

Of the 457 samples pulled all are either in transit or are actively within the testing cycle in the lab for evaluation.  This includes (currently) 34 grainsheds across 8 states with all in various stages of evaluation for mill/dough/bake properties as well as kernel characteristics.  Of the samples now in the lab there have been 56 composites formed by (low/medium/high) protein x grainshed.  The results of testing to this point are shown in the table below as a summary of kernel information.  Flour data on the first 34 composites (TX, OK, KS) have a farinograph average development time of 5.2 minutes, a farinograph stability time of 8.8 minutes, and an average farinograph absorption of 59.5%.   Bake absorption on those same 34 composites is averaging 64.3 (14% mb).  Loaf volume continues to be very good with an overall average of 923cc.