June 16th, 2017

Harvest of the 2017 HRW wheat crop is in full swing for producers in the south central 1/4 of Kansas. Mostly favorable days for drying (above 95 degree temperatures (35 degrees C) with wind), has allowed harvest to move northward beyond the Kansas/Oklahoma state line this week, even with a few scattered rain showers. Harvest is in full swing in northern Oklahoma, rapidly winding down in central Oklahoma and is complete in the southern half of Oklahoma. Harvest ranges from just starting to a few days away in far northwest Oklahoma and far northwest Texas. All areas now harvesting have some green stems with ripe heads, this combined with high humidity and/or rain showers has not allowed combines in the field until mid-afternoon and only being able to cut until just after sundown before humidity rises to a point that making straw too tough to cut.

Texas is now 74% harvested, with central and north central parts of the state mostly completed while in full swing in the southern areas of northwest Texas. Oklahoma is now 68% complete with harvest, the major areas remaining to be cut are northern and far northwestern parts of the state. Test weights, on the average, continue to be above 60 lbs/bu (78.9 kg/hl) even with scattered rain events over the past week.

There are now 93 samples of an expected 530 in the lab representing very limited areas of extreme south central Kansas, Oklahoma (except the far northwest part of the state) and Texas (except for the northwest part of the state). Average protein remains at 10.8% this week. Average test weight decreased by 0.3 lbs. this week to 60.6 lb/bu from 60.9 lb/bu (79.7 kg/hl from 80.1 kg/hl) and can be attributed to rain showers over the past week. TKW average, with a limited number of samples tested, dropped this week from 30.3g to 29.8g and exceeds the overall composite 5-year average of (29.1g). The average FN is 362 indicating sound wheat.

Harvest Summary

*not all 93 completed

Click link to download a PDF of theĀ PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 16 2017