August 26th, 2016

The 2016 HRW wheat harvest is virtually wrapped up with the states of Washington (95% complete) and Idaho (90% complete) expecting to finish over the next few days. Combines are still running in eastern Washington as scattered rain followed by abnormally high temperatures have plagued this harvest. However, even with challenging weather, early testing indicates Washington is currently averaging 61.9 lb/bu (81.4 kg/hl) test weight and Idaho is averaging 61.5 lb/bu (80.9 kg/hl). Thousand kernel weights in both states are also very good currently averaging over 33 grams. Overall kernel characteristics are consistently very good throughout all HRW production areas with very few exceptions.

Early mill/dough/bake testing out of Texas, Oklahoma and the southwest ΒΌ of Kansas indicates an impressive overall average mill yield of 76.9% compared to 73.8% for the overall Gulf Tributary 5-year average. That same area has an average flour protein of 10.5% (14% mb) compared to the 2015 overall Gulf Tributary average of 11.6% (14% mb). This same area is averaging a farinograph peak time of 4.1 minutes (5-year overall Gulf average is 5.6 minutes), a stability of 6.0 minutes (5-year overall Gulf average is 10.9 minutes) and an absorption of 60.1% (5-year overall Gulf average is 59.7%). Values have not been weighted for production. With 449 of an expected 530 samples in the lab overall protein did not change this week, however, TKW increased by 0.4 gram, TW increased by 0.1 lb/bu (0.1 kg/hl) and FN decreased by 1 second.

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 26 2016

Harvest Summary