September 9, 2011

The 2011 HRW wheat harvest is all but done. Samples are either in the lab or being processed and/or are in transit. Overall protein is still 12.4% and overall average moisture remains below 11%. Once harvest moved past central Kansas yields have been generally good to very good with most producers pleasantly surprised with the quantity of the crop.

As has been discussed in previous reports, the 2011 HRW crop was one of contrast. Texas produced less than half a normal crop (estimated 52 million bushels), but with very high protein and very low moisture. Oklahoma produced half an average crop, but again with very high proteins and very low moisture. Oklahoma had much lower than normal dockage in 2011 due in part to the lack of moisture during the growing season resulting in weed seed not germinating.

The severe drought did not reach into the northern half and eastern half of Kansas, but was dominate in the southwestern part of the state where many fields were never harvested. The areas described above that were in drought conditions during last growing season remain in that condition now with prospects of planting a 2012 crop dimming every day.

From central Kansas and central Colorado northward the issue became too much moisture over the growing season with concerns about diseases throughout the spring and early summer. Some areas had to resort to multiple applications of fungicides to salvage the crop. While this portion of the crop is lower in protein than the southern areas, kernel characteristics are very good with high test weights and high thousand kernel weights.

A Gulf Tributary summary will be available next week along with an update of grade and non-grade information from the northern and northwestern HRW states.

Download the Nebraska Harvest Summary

Harvest Summary

View this PDF for visual test data from the 2009 harvest.