September 6

The 2019 HRW wheat harvest is on the verge of completion with only 3 states still cutting, but all 3 have 5% or less of their crop yet to cut.  Next week will complete the weekly harvest reports for 2019 and a final report will be issued in mid-October providing an overview of harvest and weighted data for production and protein splits.  The data presented within this report and next week’s are preliminary with no weighting factors applied.  This week, as the final kernel data was averaged in from the Pacific Northwest  (PNW), overall moisture dropped slightly from last week, TKW increase slightly by 0.2 grams from 32.9 grams to 33.1 grams (significantly exceeds) the previous 5-year average of 29.8 grams.  Falling number increase slightly from 375 sec last week to 377 sec this week and is comparable to the previous 5-year average of 393 sec.  Test weight increased slightly this week from last week’s 60.7 lb/bu (79.8 kg/hl) to 60.8 lb/bu (80.0 kg/hl) and is significantly higher than the previous 5-year average of 60.1 lb/bu (79.1 kg/hl).

There are now 494 samples collected and this will be the final number of samples for the 2019 HRW harvest. Final samples are in various stages of transit to the lab and/or testing.  Available samples tested this week when averaged in to the total brought overall (not weighted for production or protein splits) farinograph testing, on a 14% mb (absorption 58.0% vs the previous 5-year overall of 59.9% ; development time 3.4 minutes vs the previous 5-year overall of 5.0 minutes and stability of 7.1 minutes vs the previous 5-year overall of 8.3 minutes.  However, loaf volume data indicates a range of (824cc <11.5% protein, 886cc 11.5%-12.5% protein and 930cc >12.5% protein) and compares to the previous 5-year overall average of 843cc.  These are very slight changes from last week and while dough functionality is lower than desired, overall end-product results (880 cc average loaf volume) exceeded the previous 5-year average (again unweighted for production or protein splits).


Harvest Summary