September 1st, 2017

The 2017 US HRW wheat harvest is now complete. There are 488 samples now in the lab and this will be the total (final) number of samples for evaluation of the 2017 crop. Lab testing continues with only a few samples remaining which have not been completely evaluated for kernel characteristics (TKW and FN) and 4 final composites that will be milled by end of business today. Flour, dough and bake test will be done following the holiday weekend.

Since TKW and FN are the only 2 categories remaining for kernel testing this also represents the only changes in lab results this week. TKW moved up slightly from 31.4 grams to 31.5 grams and as has been pointed out previously, continues to significantly exceed the 5-year average of 29.4 grams. FN (368 seconds) decreased slightly this week from 374 seconds last week, is consistent with sound wheat and is not considered a notable change. Overall (across all locations) 69% of the samples graded 1HRW and 93% of the samples graded 2HRW or better. Overall HRW wheat samples across all locations are 56% (< 11.5% protein), 27% (11.5% – 12.5% protein) and 17% (>12.5% protein).

As was stated last week, all data presented are simple averages of all samples tested and are not weighted for production. A final summary of data in mid to late September by Gulf and Pacific Northwest Tributaries will contain weighted data and an overall analysis of the crop including milling performance, dough functionality and bake test results.

Harvest Summary

Click link to download a PDF version of theĀ HRW Harvest Summary September 1 2017