September 12th, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is complete in every state except Idaho (98%) which should wrap up by the weekend and North Dakota (85%) that may not harvest the remaining acres (as stated last week) due to excessive rainfall and a focus on spring wheat harvest.

The final 20 samples are in transit for a total of 532 individual samples making up the testing of the 2014 HRW crop. This will be the final weekly report with an overall final report to be issued in mid-October that will summarize the quality data in terms of the 2014 crop’s relationship to the 2013 crop and the 5-year average. The summary will include grade, non-grade, mill, dough and bake comparisons. The summary will also be broken down by export tributary (Gulf and Pacific Northwest).

Click Here to Download a PDF of The HRW Harvest Summary September 12 2014

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data