PGI HRW Harvest Summary September 9, 2022

All 2022 HRW samples across all states are now in the lab and milling continues.  Next week will mark the end of weekly reports with a final report to be issued when all testing is complete (approximately the last week of this month). All states are now 99% to 100% complete with harvest.  There are now 524 samples in lab originating out of 11 states with many in multiple stages of evaluation (mill/dough/bake test).  Kernel data before weighting factors for production indicates overall dockage is still at 0.5, TW, 60.7 (significantly above 60.3 2021).  Defective kernel totals are a contrast to last year (2.1 vs. 1.7% in 2021).  Overall protein content avg. 12.7 (dropped slightly as harvest progressed, but still significantly higher vs. 12.0 in 2021), and 11.9 in 2020. Thousand Kernel Weights are averaging 30.8 g (has increased as harvest moved northwest as has kernel diameter (2.59 mm vs. 2.58 2021). Hardness average is 65.2 vs. 61.1 2021. FN is now at 347 vs 368 in 2021.  Again, to emphasize that these are all results based on straight averages before production weighting factors have been applied.

Composites: There are now 524 samples making up 75 composited samples in the lab representing (OK, TX, KS, NE, SD, WY, CO, MT, WA, OR, ID).  Current flour data: farinograph absorption 58.8, stability 8.77 mins vs. 9.46 in 2021.  Breakdown 10.33 mins.  Mixograph 64.3% water absorption vs. 62.7% in 2021. Mix time 383 vs. 372 in 2021. Tolerances 3 (on 0-6 scale).  Loaf volume avg. 922 CC vs. 889 CC 2021.  This data represent straight averages as was stated above with no weighting factors applied for production (so slight changes can be expected in final numbers).