PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 8, 2022


While the 2022 HRW wheat harvest is wrapping up in Oklahoma/Kansas/Texas it is just getting into full swing in Colorado and Nebraska.  Additionally, it will only be a matter of a few days (7 to 10) before combines roll in South Dakota and Wyoming.  Hot and windy conditions over the last 3 weeks have continued to drive the 2022 wheat harvest into high gear.  Yield reports continue to be highly variable ranging from 20 bu/ac to 30 bu/ac in the western areas of the central and southern Great Plains.  Early reports from Nebraska indicate the upper end of that range extends to over 50 bu/ac on dryland and hover around 100 bu/ac on irrigated. 

Test weights continue to average above 60 lb/bu again this week (60.8 lb/bu) with protein still averaging over 13% (13.2%).  There are now 233 samples now in the lab and in various stages of testing.  This represents all PGI Grainsheds in Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas, however no state has yet been declared complete.  Sampling out of Texas and Oklahoma will likely be declared complete over the next week and Kansas will shortly follow.  Early falling numbers continue to be reflective of excessive rain events accompanied by high humidity during final stages of development.