PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 20 2021

8/19/2021: The US HRW harvest is complete in almost all states with the exception of Idaho and Montana.  Idaho will be complete in the next few days (now 95% complete) minus rain is the areas yet to be harvested.  However, Montana is cool with cloud cover with widespread rain showers (2.5 inches in some locations) across central and eastern areas slowing cutting of the remaining 10% of the crop.  The positive side is the hope the current moisture will be the start of fall moisture for planting the next crop. There are currently 502 of an expected 500 samples in the lab and with 446 in various stages of testing.  56 samples were received from the Pacific Northwest this week and did affect the overall averages.  As expected, moisture dropped (11.4% to 11.0%) and overall protein increased from 11.6% to 11.8%.  TKW decreased from 30.3 gram to 30.1 grams and test weight decreased from 60.6 lbs/bu (79.7 kg/hl) to 60.5 lbs/bu (79.6 kg/hl).  This updated data reflects the weather extremes the crop in the northern US and Pacific Northwest experienced during all stages of development.  Falling number increased slightly this week (369 sec.) up from (367 sec.) last week.  FM and damaged kernels also decreased this week with total defects down from 1.8% last week to 1.6% this week.  Milling continues on the 70 composites formed in the lab across 29 grainsheds and broken out by low (below 11.5% protein), medium (11.5% – 12.5% protein) and high (above 12.5% protein).  Initial milling information will be available beginning next week.