PGI HRW Harvest Summary 7 29 2022

The HRW wheat harvest has moved very quickly over the past week with Colorado (91%), Nebraska (89%), Wyoming (85%) and South Dakota (73%) completed.  Combines continue to roll as well further north through Montana (23%) and Pacific Northwest states of (Washington 9%), Oregon (19%) and Idaho (4%) of harvest completed.  Sampling is also now complete in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  Final samples are currently in-route from the Nebraska Panhandle, South Dakota and Wyoming to the lab for evaluation.   HRW harvest is just now in full swing in the Pacific Northwest states as hot and dry weather continues to prevail.  Montana, Washington, Idaho and Oregon all continue to expect average to above average yields and quality vs 2021.  

The 2022 HRW wheat harvest continues to see very little disease or weed pressure being reported in this crop (in all states) and was not surprising considering the abnormally dry conditions during all stages of crop development.  Insect damage has also been sparse in 2022 apart from damage due to sawfly and grasshopper infestations in NE Colorado and SE Wyoming. 

Test weights continue to average above 60 lb/bu (now 60.6 lb/bu) with protein averaging 12.9%.  There are now 406 samples in the lab and in various stages of testing.  This crop overall continues to have very low dockage (0.4%) with very good (and uniform) kernel characteristics.  Very early milling data from southern areas indicating a crop that as is sound with very good milling and baking characteristics. While development times are shorter than desired, overall loaf volumes are exceeding 850cc with some as high as 950cc.