PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 13 2021

8/12/2021: The US HRW harvest continues to move very quickly and is now winding down in the Pacific Northwest.  Remaining states are 80% or more complete as hot and dry weather continues to dominate the weather pattern.  Those conditions are in sharp contrast to the extremely wet and humid pattern that prevailed in the southern and central Great Plains during crop maturity continuing through majority of harvest.  Those sharp contrasts have also been exhibited via yield, kernel characteristics and protein levels.

There are currently 436 of an expected 500 samples in the lab and are various stages of testing.  Overall, there was very little change in data this week with a slight decrease in falling number 367 down from last week’s 370.  All other parameters did not change as expected with only 18 more samples arriving this week and no new grade information.  There have now been 70 composites formed in the lab across 29 grainsheds and broken out by low (below 11.5% protein), medium (11.5% – 12.5% protein) and high (above 12.5% protein).  Milling has begun on those samples.  374 individual samples had an test weight avg. 60.6 lb/bu as reported in the table below with a (max 65 lb/bu (85.4 kg/hl) and min 52 lb/bu (68.6 kg/hl)  Protein on 381 samples avg. 11.6%, with a (max 16.5% min 8.8%).  Large kernel fraction is 66% (2020 63%), med 33%.  Single kernel data; 30.3g avg. TKW, kernel diameter 2.58 mm, hardness 61.  Sedimentation for 118 samples – 48 vol on a 14 % mb (Vs. 52 in 2020).