PGI Harvest Summary September 16, 2022

This week will wrap up the weekly 2022 HRW reports.  However, a final report will be issued when all testing is complete, and data has been evaluated (approximately 2 weeks).  As was reported last week there are now 524 samples now in the lab covering 11 states across 75 grainsheds in various stages of testing from completed to composited for mill/dough/bake evaluation.  All states are now 100% complete with the 2022 HRW wheat harvest.  Of the total 524 samples now in the lab, 340 are Gulf Tributary.

Gulf Tributary weighted kernel data (340 samples): Overall, 60% of the Gulf Tributary crop is U.S. No. 1, 58% of the samples are high protein (>12.5 % protein) and 86% of the samples graded U.S. No. 2 or better. Average test weight of 60.4 lb./bu. (79.4 kg/hl) is below 2021 of 60.6 lb./bu. (79.7 kg/hl) and below the 5-year average of 60.5 lb./bu. (79.6 kg/hl). Average dockage (0.5%) and is equal to 2021 and the 5-year average of (0.5%), total defects of (2.3%) is above 2021 (1.8%) and the 5-year average of 1.5%, foreign material (0.2%) is below the 2021 average of (0.3%) and equal to and the 5-year average of (0.2%).  Average shrunken and broken is (1.2%) is above last year (0.9%) and above the 5-year average of 1.0%).  Average thousand kernel weight of 30.4 g is below last year (30.9%) and the 5-year average (30.7%).  Protein is (13.0%), equal to last year (11.6%) and below the 5-year average (11.7%). The average wheat falling number is 337 sec, indicative of sound wheat.