PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 15, 2022

While the 2022 HRW wheat harvest continues to wind down in TX (97% complete), Oklahoma (100 % complete) and Kansas (95% complete), the states of Colorado (28%) and Nebraska (42%) are still short of 50% complete at this point. However, the majority of the wheat in central and southern areas of those 2 states have completed harvest). South Dakota is now reporting (10%) complete with harvest with all other states to the north and west reporting sporadic cutting of 1% or less cut at this point. Continued prevailing hot and windy conditions continue to keep harvest in high gear where harvest has begun. Generally, yield reports continue to be reported in the 20 bu/ac to 30 bu/ac range in the western areas of the Great Plains. However, it has not been usual to hear of over 50 bu/ac across all states now harvesting, but they are not the norm. Reports from irrigated fields are also seeing from 50 bu/ac to over 100 bu/ac.
Test weights again this week are averaging above 60 lb/bu (60.5 lb/bu) with protein still averaging over 13% (13.3%). There are now 300 samples now in the lab and in various stages of testing with another 37 in transit as of this report. Sampling from PGI Grainsheds in Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas, has now been declared complete with samples either in the lab or in transit. This crop has overall has had very low dockage with very good (and uniform) kernel characteristics which are expected to continue.
Early milling data from southern areas is expected to be available next week and is projected to confirm industry expectations for this crop as one that is sound with very good milling and baking characteristics.