October 11th, 2013

The overall composite 2013 HRW crop official grade averaged 49% Grade #1 (Gulf tributary averaging 45% and PNW tributary averaging 56%) when considering all protein levels and weighting for production.  Overall test weight averaged 59.9 lbs/bu (78.8 kg/hl) 2 HRW which is below the 5-year average of 60.8 lbs/bu (79.9 kg/hl) and below the 2012 average of 61.1 lbs/bu (80.4 kg/hl).  The overall average thousand kernel weight of 26.0 g is significantly lower than the 2012 average of 29.0 g and the 5-year average of 29.8 g.  Kernel characteristics were generally uniform across the production region.  Average wheat protein of 13.4% is almost a full point above the 2012 average of 12.6% and over a full percentage point above the 5-year average of 12.2%.  Protein content splits across the testing region and tributaries were very consistent with approximately 15% of samples being in the < 11.5% protein content category, 25% in the 11.5% – 12.5% category and 60% in the < 12.5% category.  Average falling number for this crop was 421 sec, comparable to the 5-year average of 414 sec and indicative of sound wheat.

Flour protein averaged 12.3% which is 1.5% above the 5 year average with protein loss during flour conversion averaging 1.1% (when wheat is converted to 14% mb), this was below the 5-year average of 1.3%.

This year’s crop can be characterized as one with very good wheat protein that translates into high flour protein which has functionality.  Kernel characteristics are average to slightly below average, but are still well within traditional typical HRW contract specs.

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Harvest Summary