May 17th, 2013

The 2013 HRW wheat crop in the central and southern portions of the US is significantly behind the average development stage for mid-May.  Generally, the 2013 HRW crop is 10 days to 2 weeks behind normal and in contrast, the 2012 crop was over 2 weeks ahead of normal development this time last year.

While wheat harvest has just begun in extreme southern Texas, cutting will not begin in central and northern Texas for another week to 10 days.  Texas crop development is now showing to be 21% behind the 5-year average and 35% behind the 2012 crop.  Over 70% of the Texas crop is currently rated poor to very poor by the USDA.  Oklahoma is reported to 29% behind the normal heading date with 47% of the crop rated as poor to very poor.

The overall crop from western Texas northward to western Nebraska and east to South Dakota has been devastated by either drought, freeze or a combination of both.  Some wheat fields in these areas have already been abandoned (will not be harvested), or in the case of a few irrigated fields damaged by freeze, have been baled.

Harvest Summary
Tst Exp MST Pro% DKG TKW FN Grade Test Weight FM DMG S&B DEF
  500           1HRW            
FINAL 2012                        
 538 Final 10.7  12.6  0.48 29.0  409  1HRW 61.1  80.4  0.1  0.1  1.2  1.4