June 7th, 2013

The 2013 HRW wheat harvest has slowed significantly due to rain in north Texas.  Cutting in central Texas has resumed and is now about 25% complete in that area of the state with good test weight and good yields being reported.  Further north along the Texas/Oklahoma state line harvest is now 50% to 70% complete as rain has now stopped cutting until fields dry.  Most of that area was hit hard by drought and freeze which hastened the maturity of what crop was left (many acres in this area have been abandon).  While kernels are reportedly small, test weights (78.9 kg/hl) and protein (15%) have been very good.  Crop yields have been very erratic ranging from 10 bu/ac (.7 mt/ha) to over 50 bu/ac (3.4 mt/ha).  The overall Texas crop is still rated at 79% poor to very poor.

While several elevators in Oklahoma continue to receive grain, much of that is coming from across the border in Texas.  Currently harvest in Oklahoma (estimated 1% cut) has been limited to the southwestern corner of the state and very sporadic in nature.  Early yields are reportedly between 15 bu/ac (1.0 mt/ha) and 20 bu/ac (1.3 mt/ha).  54% of the Oklahoma crop is rated poor to very poor with 60% of the crop at soft dough stage compared to the 5-year average of 93% by this date.

The Kansas crop is rated at 45% poor to very poor with 93% of the crop headed vs. the 5-year average of 98% by this date. The Colorado crop is 35% headed vs. the 5-year average of 75% by this date.  60% of the Colorado crop is rated poor to very poor.

Harvest Summary
 500     1HRW      
538Final10.7 12.6 0.48 29.0 409 1HRW61.1 80.4 0.1 0.1 1.2 1.4