June 30th, 2017

The 2017 HRW wheat harvest has been significantly slowed over the past week (especially in the northern ½ and western ½ of Kansas where harvest should be in full swing) due to scattered showers, severe thunderstorms or a combination of both accompanied by high humidity and in some cases fog. Texas and Oklahoma are both over 95% complete with harvest while Colorado and Nebraska are just starting to cut (5%, 4% respectively). Reports out of western Kansas and southeast Colorado indicate receiving points that can segregate protein have been, as both areas report large variability in protein levels from delivered truck load to delivered truck load.

There are now 173 samples of an expected 530 in the lab representing limited areas of southern Kansas, most of Oklahoma and most of Texas. Average protein increased slightly this week to 11.2% (up from 11.1% last week) and is attributed to higher proteins in northwest Texas, north central Oklahoma and parts of western Kansas. Average test weight was down 0.2 lb/bu from last week, from 60.9 lb/bu last week to 60.7 lb/bu (80.1 kg/hl last week to 79.8 kg/hl) this week, an indication rain events are starting to affect test weight. TKW average, with a limited number of samples tested, increased this week to 29.6g from 29.4g last week, and still exceeds the overall composite 5-year average of (29.1g). The average FN increased from 356 last week to 362 this week, still indicating sound wheat.

Harvest Summary

*Not all 173 completed

Click link for a PDF version of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 30 2017