June 3, 2011

HRW wheat harvest has now reached the southern border of Kansas. Combines moved into Barber and Harper counties on Wednesday doing limited amounts of cutting with no reports of yields or quality. Harvest remains in full swing in north Texas and the Texas Panhandle (as far north as Amarillo) as hot dry winds provided for rapid progress in those areas over the past week. Oklahoma is now harvesting from border to border (Texas border to Kansas border) with the exception of the Panhandle.

Harvest is still running from 10 days to two weeks ahead of normal dates in the areas listed above and is a reflection of the extremely dry conditions this crop has endured over the 8 months. Heavy rains and cooler temperatures (especially over the last few days) in north central and northeast Kansas has allowed crop development to remain near normal (generally north of I-70). Rains also continued in northeast Colorado, Wyoming and western/southern Nebraska which supports continued late crop development (7-10 days behind) in those areas as compared to normal.

All areas continue to show very good test weights still averaging above 60 lbs./bu. Protein percentages continue to be reported as very good, generally ranging from 12.5% to 13.5% , but as harvest has moved northward proteins are become much more variable. Thousand kernel weights are generally averaging from 25g to 28g and falling numbers are all over 400. The disappointment still remains with yields, they continue to average from the mid-teens to low 20’s in most areas.

Download this Harvest Summary

Harvest Summary

View this PDF for visual test data from the 2009 harvest.