June 29th, 2018

The 2018 HRW wheat harvest continued to make very slow progress this week as strong thunderstorms producing heavy rain moved across almost all areas that either had begun harvest (Colorado 7% complete and Nebraska 3% complete), were in full swing (Kansas 59% complete), or were in the process of winding down (Texas 84% complete and Oklahoma 95% complete). Much of unharvested wheat in Texas and Oklahoma remains in the far northwestern parts of both states and is irrigated. The largest area in Kansas not currently harvesting is in the northwest ¼ of the state or localized areas in the western 2/3rds of the state where fields have not dried enough to resume cutting.

Wheat yields in all states now harvesting report dryland fields generally averaging between 15 bu/ac (1.0 tons/ha) to 30 bu/ac (2.0 tons/ha) and irrigated fields averaging between 50 bu/ac (3.4 tons/ha) and 75 bu/ac (5.0 tons/ha). Overall average yield projection for Oklahoma remains at 26 bu/ac (1.7 tons/ha) with 52 mb (1.4 MMT) of production and Texas remains at 27 bu/ac (1.8 tons/ha) with 43 mb (1.2 MMT) of production.

A total of 166 samples are now in the lab for evaluation and represent Texas, Oklahoma and the southern ¼ of Kansas. The majority of the 61 added samples this week came from northwest Texas, northwest Oklahoma and southwest Kansas. Overall test weight decreased this week by 0.7 lb/bu (0.9 kg/hl), but grade remains a #1 Hard Red Winter, averaging 60.2 lb/bu (79.2 kg/hl). Average protein continues to be very good and (increased 0.1%) this week to 12.7% overall. Test weight and protein are expected to decrease slightly as harvest (and sampling) begin in areas where there was less stress through the growing season and excessive rain fell on a mature crop during the last two weeks.

Harvest Summary

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 29 2018