June 26th, 2015

Most areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas remained dry, hot and windy over the last week to put the 2015 HRW wheat harvest in high gear in the central and southern US. Wheat is now being cut from central Texas to as far north as the extreme northern edge of Kansas. Harvest will begin in the next few days in Colorado and Nebraska if the current hot and dry weather continues. Drought and high temperatures have caused early maturity of the HRW crop in the Pacific Northwest with USDA reporting harvest could start as early as next week in parts of eastern Oregon. Montana also reports hot and dry weather pushing the crop ahead as compared to the 5-year average.

There are now 71 HRW samples collected of a projected 530 expected (the majority are from Texas and Oklahoma with a few from southern Kansas). These latest samples indicate the overall test weight for of the 2015 HRW crop is now 58.0 lb/bu (76.4 kg/hl). However, anecdotal information from wheat producers in the majority of Kansas indicates much higher test weights are being seen as more fields are being cut. Protein increased this week to 12.4% overall as compared to last week’s average of 12.2% and the 2014 crop average of 13.3%. Foreign material (0.2%) increased this week as compared to (0.1%) last week and an overall average in 2014 of 0.1%.

Click link to download a PDF of the HRW Harvest Summary June 26 2015

Harvest Summary

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