June 22nd, 2018

The 2018 HRW wheat harvest came to an almost complete stop this week when a solid line of intense thunderstorms producing localized areas of very heavy rainfall ((> 9” (23 cm)) and hail moved across the central and south central Great Plains Tuesday night through early Wednesday. Areas that received significant measurable precipitation includes extreme northwest Texas, northwest Oklahoma, the northwest 3/4ths of Kansas, eastern Colorado and southeast Nebraska. Harvest was just getting underway in southeast Colorado and southeast Nebraska.

Harvest is now 72% complete in Texas with irrigated wheat (slower to mature) making up many acres remaining to be cut. Overall Oklahoma is now 91% complete with harvest and only areas of north central (85% complete) and the extreme northwest (50% complete) remaining. USDA now estimates Texas at 66% of wheat acres were abandon and a 53% abandonment rate in Oklahoma, well over 2 times the normal rate. Kansas has now reached the halfway mark (50%) complete with harvest. Areas that had been in the full swing of harvest (the central corridor and southern south central area of Kansas) are now winding down. The remainder of Kansas was just getting into the full swing of harvest (prior to the rain) in most areas, the exception is the northwest ¼ of the state where harvest has not yet started.

The first 105 samples are now in the lab for evaluation and represent Texas, Oklahoma and the southern ¼ of Kansas. Overall test weight has decreased slightly this week by 0.5 lb/bu (0.6 kg/hl), remains a #1 Hard Red Winter, averaging 60.9 lb/bu (80.1 kg/hl). Average protein continues to be very good and (increased 0.2%) this week to 12.6%.

Harvest Summary

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 22 2018