June 22nd, 2012

The 2012 HRW wheat harvest continues to roll. Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are nearing harvest completion while Colorado and Nebraska are now in full swing in most areas. Harvest will start this week in Wyoming as well. The yield and kernel characteristics found in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas now appear to be extending into Colorado and Nebraska with highly variable yields (15 to 50 bu/ac) and individual sample proteins from 10% to 13%. Both states are still 10 days to as much as 2 weeks ahead of normal plant development and are experiencing drought conditions. As in previous states there does not appear to be a lot of uniformity from location to location, but rather a mosaic pattern with wide swings in especially protein and thousand kernel weights.

With 213 samples of an expected 530 now in the lab, protein continues to climb, now averaging 12.7% with thousand kernel weights averaging just below 28 grams. Test weights continue to be very good averaging well over 60 pounds per bushel and dockage averaging under 0.5%.

The milling process of samples where grainsheds are complete started this week (parts of Texas and Oklahoma) with preliminary and limited results expected in to be included in next week’s report.

Harvest Summary
477Final10.612.4 .48 30.1 400 1HRW60.8 79.9 0.2 0.2 1.21.6 

Download a PDF of the Harvest Summary of HRW June 22nd, 2012