June 21st, 2012

The 2013 HRW wheat harvest was slowed by widespread precipitation this week in Texas (57% complete), Oklahoma (39% complete), Colorado (<1% complete) and Kansas (<1% complete) as test cutting is now being reported as far north as central Kansas. Very early (less than 1% of the crop harvested in Kansas) test weight averages in south central Kansas have ranged from 59 – 62 lb/bu. (77.6 – 81.5 kg/hl) with protein ranging from 12% to 15.6%. The very early yield reports from producers in south central Kansas have been from 45 – 50 bushels per acre (3.0 – 3.4 tons/ha). Limited cutting is now also being reported in extreme southeast Colorado.

Harvest continues to wind down in central and northern Texas (except Soft Wheat areas northeast of Dallas) while continuing to pickup in the Texas Panhandle. Southern and southwest Oklahoma also continues to wind down while harvest is in full swing in the remainder of the state (other than rain delays). Test weight and yield have dropped significantly in those areas of western and northwestern Oklahoma where freeze (6 major freezes in Oklahoma from late March through April) and drought were persistent.

There are now 62 samples of an expected 500 in the lab representing areas of (central and northern Texas) and (southern, southwest, central, north central and northwest Oklahoma). Protein continues to be very good at 12.9%, very good test weight overall and shrunken and broken starting to drop. The shrunken and broken (and isolated areas of low test weight) appear to be related to drought and freeze damage to the crop in March and April.

Harvest Summary