June 1st, 2018

The 2018 HRW wheat harvest has been progressing rapidly over the 7 to 10 days. While wheat was being cut in central Texas early last week, harvest began in southwest Oklahoma late last week (Thursday afternoon) just north of the Oklahoma/Texas state line. Harvesting, because of drought conditions and abandonment in Texas and Oklahoma, has raced northward (quote from the Oklahoma Wheat Commission Harvest Report; (One elevator location mentioned they hope to take in 10 percent of what they would in a normal year due to the drought and increased plantings of other crops.)). The state of Texas is now projected to be 29% harvested and Oklahoma is projected at 15% harvested. However, the local areas in both states that began harvesting last week are now 80%-90% complete. Acres of abandonment in both states are still a very big unknown factor at this point. Harvest has moved as far north as central Oklahoma, but there are still large areas between southwest Oklahoma and central Oklahoma to be harvested.

Yield reports have ranged from 11 bu/ac (0.74 tons/ha) to over 50 bu/ac (3.4 tons/ha) with the estimated overall average still well under 25 bu/ac (1.7 tons/ha). Test weights have generally been reported above 60 lb/bu (78.9 kg/hl) with a few exceptions. Average protein is reportedly between 11% and 12% with a ranging from10.5% to over 17%.

Crop conditions in the Pacific Northwest are very good with abundant moisture. Harvest is not projected to start in that area until around the 4th of July.

Below are the Crop Progress and Condition reports for Texas and Oklahoma, a rainfall map from the Oklahoma Mesonet, and attached are the Oklahoma Wheat Commission Harvest Report, the Nebraska Crop Report and the South Dakota Wheat Outlook.

Harvest Summary

Click link to download a PDF version of theĀ PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 1 2018