June 19th, 2015

Rain continues to plague the 2015 HRW wheat harvest in the Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Very little harvest progress has been made over the last week due to muddy fields and very high humidity. Some cutting has been done in north Texas and Oklahoma over the past few days, but only after very late day starts due to extremely high humidity making dry down slow and straw tough to cut and thrash. Central Texas continues to get the worst of recent storms as tropical storm Bill moved through mid-week dumping several more inches of rain on fields just starting to show some signs of drying. Central Texas is now only 60% complete with harvest and it will still take several days of dry windy weather to make any further progress on harvest. Far northern Texas and the southern 1/4 of Oklahoma are now slightly above 90% complete; harvest within areas of central Oklahoma now range from 40% to over 90% complete; northern areas of Oklahoma are still trying to get into the full swing of harvest as is the southern 10% of Kansas. The 7 day outlook calls for dry conditions with more seasonal temperatures and wind which will aid in moving harvest forward.

Due to the lack of significant additional harvesting over the last week no additional samples were collected until today. What additional information that is available supports last week’s report, “sprout damage continues limited with only smaller pockets of damage above 3% – 5% being reported. Overall test weight continues in the 57 lb/bu (75.1 kg/hl) to 59 lb/bu (77.6 kg/hl), but is defined in a very mosaic pattern with inclusions of much lower test weights. These lower test weights are attributed to not just the relentless heavy rains, but to an epidemic of stripe rust during the final stages of development.” “Yield estimates continue to mostly range from 20 to 50 bushels per acre (1.4 to 3.4 tons/ha)”. The exception has been protein which is averaging better than early reports, overall average protein is 12.2% (12% mb).

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 19 2015

Harvest Summary