June 15th, 2018

Harvesting of the 2018 HRW wheat crop continues to swiftly move northward as abundant sunshine and hot temperatures have been the rule across most of the central and southern Great Plains where wheat has matured rapidly over the last month. Limited rain events, localized in nature, have done little to slow progress of cutting. Harvesting (at least on a limited basis) has been reported in north central Kansas within one county of the Nebraska state line. Wheat within the entire length of the central corridor of Kansas has ripened at an accelerated pace over the last 4 weeks due to limited moisture and very high temperatures relative to normal. Kansas in now estimated to be 19% compete with harvest (the majority of that in that central corridor and southern 1/3 of the state). Harvest in western and northwestern Kansas has not yet begun or only on a very limited basis.

Harvest is rapidly winding down in central Texas (over 90% complete in central and north Texas with northwest Texas (High Plains) still just over 50% complete). Oklahoma is now 81% complete (with the southern half of Oklahoma now over 90% complete, the northern half 60% complete and the far northwest (and Panhandle) just over 40% complete.

The first 61 samples are now in the lab for evaluation and represent central and northern Texas and the southern half of Oklahoma. Overall test weight has increase over last week, now averaging 61.4 lb/bu (80.7 kg/hl) . Average protein continues to be very good at 12.4%.

Harvest Summary

Click link to download a PDF copy of theĀ PGI HRW Harvest Summary June 15 2018