July 8, 2011

The Kansas 2011 HRW wheat harvest is now 94% complete with only areas of Northwest Kansas yet to be harvested. Progress has been slow this week due to several rain showers moving through the area. Northeast Colorado (north of I-70) has begun harvest on a limited basis as many fields are still green. That area which extends northward into Nebraska and Wyoming has been a week or more behind normal development since early spring. Colorado is now 28% complete with harvest with virtually all cutting being done south of I-70. Southeast Nebraska has begun harvest, but only a few fields had been cut as of Thursday. Wyoming is rated 35% turning color, with many producers expecting to begin harvest in approximately 2 weeks. While harvest will start around that time, there was erratic emergence in several areas last fall, so some producers will wait until that later emerging wheat matures.

Yields continued to be variable, but have generally increased as harvest has moved northward and eastward. Harvest has now moved into areas which have received timely moisture and cooler conditions during crop growth and maturity. It is expected kernels in these areas will be larger as a percentage of the total due to the more favorable grainfill conditions.

Average test weights continue to exceed 61 pounds per bushel with average protein over 13%. Thousand kernel weights, while still lower than last year, are now approaching an average weight of 28 grams. Dockage remains at (0.4%) and moisture continues to average below 10.5%.

Download this Harvest Summary

Harvest Summary

View this PDF for visual test data from the 2009 harvest.