July 3rd, 2014

The HRW wheat harvest now extends well into Colorado (at least in the southeastern one-third) and with approximately 15% of the crop cut in Colorado early yields are ranging from 5 bu/ac to 30 bu/ac (0.3 – 2.0 tons/ha) with overall reported averages at around 20 bu/ac (1.3 tons/ha). Harvest is now entering Nebraska on the southern border, but it is still too early to determine yield or other factors. Rain continues to be a major issue in getting this crop out. Even in areas where harvest has yet to begin (NE Colorado, SW Nebraska and extreme NW Kansas) received extensive precipitation and some hail over the past week. Kansas continues to battle muddy fields (with only 52% of harvest completed) in an effort to get this crop out ahead of heavy weed pressure (broadleaf and grassy weeds), this is also a major issue in the few fields in Oklahoma and Texas that have yet to be cut.

Overall average TW increased this week by 0.3 lb/bu to 59.7 lb/bu. (78.5 kg/hl) even with an almost endless parade of storms across the central and southern Great Plains over the last 4 to 6 weeks. FN also increased this week by 10 seconds* (*not all 161 samples have completed testing for FN) and is significant considering the moisture received during this harvest season. The average S&B continues to decrease as harvest has moved northward dropping another 0.1% this week to 1.2%. Protein continues to be very good and is still averaging 14% overall.

Download a PDF of the Harvest Summary of HRW July 3 2014

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data