July 30

The 2019 HRW wheat harvest continues to rapidly wind down.  All states are either complete (or are over 90% complete) and are now expected to finish within the next week.  Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming are now complete with harvest.  South Dakota (with some rain delays) is now 97% complete, Montana (with some rain delays in the eastern 1/3 of the production area) is 90% complete, Washington is 92% complete, Oregon is 99% complete and Idaho is 91% complete.  Additional samples this week have improved the overall unweighted average of test weight, thousand kernel weight and a slight increase in protein.

There are now 459 samples of an expected 500 total samples in various stages of testing and an additional 32 plus samples in transit (so the total expected could be revised next week).  Early overall (not weighted for production or protein splits) farinograph testing indicates average, on a 14% mb (absorption 58.2% vs 5-year overall of 59.9% ; development time 3.8 minutes vs 5-year overall of 5.0 minutes and stability of 7.5 minutes vs 5-year overall of 8.3 minutes.  However, loaf volume data indicates an overall average of 880cc (ranging from 822cc <11.5% protein, 885cc 11.5%-12.5% protein and 933cc >12.5% protein) and compares to the 5-year overall of 843cc, again unweighted for production or protein splits.


Harvest Summary