July 4

The 2019 HRW wheat harvest continues to roll quickly through the central and southern Great Plains as sunshine, warm temperatures, lower humidity and fewer rain events are driving the rapid pace. Texas is now 81% complete with harvest, with the remaining areas being harvested being mainly in the far northwestern parts of the state. Oklahoma is now 90% complete, with areas in the far northwest and far northeast parts of that state still cutting.  The pace in Kansas has picked up significant speed with just over a third of the state complete with harvest.  Southeastern areas of Colorado are now in the full swing of harvest.


A total 140 samples are now in the lab and in various stages of analysis.  Those 140 samples represent a geographical area ranging from central Texas, across the Oklahoma and into the southern half of Kansas.  The test weight average of those samples is 59.9 lb/bu (78.8 kg/hl) up from last week’s 59.6 lbs/bu. (78.4 kg/hl), average dockage of 0.4% dockage remains the same as last week , total defects decreased from 1.6% last week to 1.5% this week as the damaged kernel component dropped by 0.1%.  Average protein content increased across the 140 samples this week to 11.3%, up from last week’s 11.1%.  Early composited samples made up of sub-samples averaging over 11% protein continue to indicate good protein quality.


Subject to the continuation of favorable harvest conditions virtually all samples should be in the lab from Texas, Oklahoma and the southern half of Kansas by early next week for evaluation.

Harvest Summary