July 29th, 2016

HRW harvest continues to make significant progress with most states well ahead of the 5-year average in percent harvested for this date. Harvest is complete from Texas northward to Nebraska. Harvest in the Pacific Northwest, Montana and Wyoming all saw at least some rain showers with embedded hail storms. The Wyoming harvest is now 85% complete with most fields remaining being irrigated.  Yields are ranging from 25 bu/ac (1.7 tons/ha) to over 50 bu/ac (3.4 tons/ha) with test weights above 60 lb/bu (78.9 kg/hl). Montana is reporting average yields with 11.5% to 12.5% protein being reported. Washington is now 80% complete with HRW harvest (38% of all winter wheat) with reportedly higher yields than normal and protein averaging 12.5%. Oregon is now 46% complete with harvest and Idaho is 17% complete, again that is all winter wheat.

There are currently 385 samples of an expected 530 currently in the lab in various stages of testing (306 included in testing TKW and FN). Test weight did not change this week 60.6 lb/bu (79.7 kg/hl), and is still well above the minimum for 1HRW wheat and well above the 59.3 lb/bu final overall average last year. TKW dropped slightly this week from 32.1 grams to 32.0 grams, again still very good and well above the final average last year of 29.8 grams. Falling number dropped slightly to 395 seconds this week vs 397 seconds last week and compared to 400 seconds last year. Protein dropped slightly this week from 11.2% last week to 11.1%. However, preliminary testing continues to indicate protein dilution due to a very big crop and not an issue with protein quality. As was stated last week, more extensive rheological test and bake testing are being done over the next few weeks to most accurately define this crop.

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 29 2016

*Partial (TKW and FN based 306 samples)

Harvest Summary