July 26th, 2013

Harvest of the 2013 HRW crop is now complete in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Harvest is also winding down quickly in Colorado (86% complete) and Nebraska (65% complete) with the major areas yet to be harvested being in the far west and northwestern parts of the state where yields are ranging from 10 bu/ac – 45 bu/ac (0.7 – 3.0 tons/ha), test weights ranging from 56 lb/bu – 60 lb/bu (73.8 – 78.9 kg/hl) and protein ranging from 11% – 16%.

Cutting is now in full swing in Wyoming with 55% of the crop now in the bin. In general, yields are ranging from 15 bu/ac – 30 bu/ac (1.0 – 2.0 tons/ha) with protein ranging from 11% – 16%. South Dakota is just now getting into the full swing of HRW harvest with 11% of the crop harvested.

Precipitation was again a factor in slowing harvest over the past week with wide-spread rain showers over virtually all states now cutting wheat.

With 341 samples now in the lab most kernel characteristics remain unchanged or slightly changed. Very early mill and bake test (one composite) indicate mill yields to be below 2012 and below the 5 year average. However, flour protein indicates a significant increase over 2012 and the 5-year average. Early bake test also look good with the loaf volume averaging 900 cc which is significantly above 2012 and the 5-year average. All testing for mill/dough/bake properties to this point have been done on wheat produced in severely (drought/freeze) stressed areas of the southern/western parts of the central US.

Harvest Summary