July 26

The 2019 HRW wheat harvest was delayed over the past weekend and into Monday due to rainstorms in NW Kansas/ southern Nebraska, and eastern Colorado.  As a result, harvesting this week was limited to only 4 days in many locations north and west of central Kansas.  Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are now 100% complete with harvest, Colorado is 75% complete and Nebraska is 47% complete.  Harvest will begin over the next few days in northwest Nebraska while early sporadic cutting continues in South Dakota.  Harvest is now starting increase in coverage and pace in the Pacific Northwest with (Washington now 19% complete), Oregon (27% complete) and Idaho (8% complete).


The rain also slowed sample collection last weekend and early in the week.  An additional 50 samples are in transit to the lab, however, no new data is available this week that would change what was listed last week.  The overall test weight average remains; (1HRW) 60.3 lb/bu (79.3 kg/hl), overall average dockage at 0.5%, overall total defects is averaging 1.4%, overall average protein is 11.3%.  As was stated last week the general trend of protein is lower, but not significant enough to lower the overall average.  This trend was not totally unexpected as may non-irrigated fields in far western Oklahoma and western Kansas have been reported by producers to be yielding from 80 bu/ac to over 90 bu/ac in areas that would normally yield 40 bu/ac (protein dilution effect).  The Thousand Kernel Weight (TKW) overall average is (32.5g) and as stated last week continues to significantly exceed the Gulf export 5-year average of 29.2g.

Harvest Summary