July 25th, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is now in full swing in northeast Colorado (statewide now 79% complete), northwest Nebraska (statewide now 65% complete) and Wyoming (18% complete) except for irrigated acres. As harvest moved into this region yields have almost doubled 50-75 bu/ac (3.4-5.0 tons/ha) compared to other areas of the southern and central Great Plains. This is an indication of the very favorable climatic conditions that existed over the growing season in this area. Test weight and TKW reported within this region are also averaging well above most other production areas. The tradeoff appears to be a drop in protein (reported, but yet to be confirmed through testing) as compared to virtually all other production regions tested to date.

South Dakota is now 8% complete with harvest, but it is still too early to establish crop quality trends. Montana continues with excessive heat during the final stages of crop maturity, this will hasten crop development. Temperatures well in excess of normal for this date in the PNW will also move harvest along more rapidly in Washington which is now (21% complete), Oregon (30% complete) and Idaho (11% complete).

An additional 55 samples were collected this week, however, due to the logistics of lab delivery and processing it was not possible to include these in this week’s report. Overall TKW leapt almost 2 grams (27.7 grams to 29.6 grams) as testing was completed this week on all remaining samples in the lab (which included many of the areas outlined in the first paragraph above).

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Harvest Summary

*Partial Data