July 24th, 2015

Just as in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, the states of Colorado, Nebraska and beyond are dealing the effects of a stripe rust epidemic accompanied by less than favorable weather conditions as crops are either being harvested or nearing harvest. Stripe rust has negatively affected the 2015 HRW crop within the southern and central areas of the US. Areas further north and northwest saw a much warmer spring with little precipitation. Those conditions have now been replaced by heavy rain storms containing crop destructive hail in Nebraska into South Dakota, Montana and the Pacific Northwest, just as the crop is mature or nearing maturity.

Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are now complete with the 2015 HRW harvest, Colorado and Nebraska are 77% and 71% completed respectively, Wyoming is 10% complete, South Dakota is 27% complete with Montana being 23% complete mainly in the central areas of the state. Washington is now 41% complete, Oregon 51% complete and Idaho 21% complete with harvest and North Dakota has not yet started harvesting HRW.

With 292 of an expected 530 samples in the lab, the significant change in overall average this week was in TKW (increasing from 28.6g last week to 29.2g this week). Protein increased by one-tenth of a percentage point from last week (12.6% to 12.7%). The FN overall average increased slightly this week to 401 sec. and is comparable to the 2014 overall average of 387 sec. Other factors did not change from last week.

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 24 2015

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data