July 22nd, 2016

Rain showers slowed harvest in many areas of the HRW wheat producing states over the last week. However, more favorable harvest weather is expect over the next several days. Harvest is winding down in Colorado (85% complete) and Nebraska (87% complete). Yields continue to be very good in those states while overall average test weight dropped slightly due to rain during the past week. Wyoming is now 20% complete with harvest. Dryland yields in Wyoming have ranged from 6 bu/ac (0.4 tons/ha) on hail damaged wheat to 70 bu/ac (4.7 tons/ha) in the best fields. Most proteins have been reported between 10.5% and 11.5%. South Dakota is now 66% complete with harvest, yields have been very good with proteins generally averaging 11.2% to 11.8%. Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho are still early enough in harvest that very little information is available. However, those states are expecting average yields and are hopeful about protein levels.

There are now 321 of 530 samples in the lab, but current testing information is only available on 282 of those samples. Test weight dropped slightly this week to 60.6 lb/bu (79.7 kg/hl), but is still well above the minimum for 1HRW wheat and well above the 59.3 lb/bu final overall average last year. TKW also dropped slightly this week from 32.3 grams to 32.1 grams, again still very good and well above the final average last year of 29.8 grams. Falling number continues to steadily climb 397 seconds this week vs 393 seconds last week and 400 seconds last year. Protein did not change this week from 11.2% last week. While protein is well below desired levels, preliminary testing indicates the issue is one of protein quantity (dilution from a large crop) and not protein quality. However, more extensive rheological test and bake testing being done over the next few weeks will be used to most accurately define this crop.

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**Partial (TKW and FN based 275 samples)

Harvest Summary