July 21, 2017

The 2017 HRW wheat harvest continues to move forward at a very rapid pace with Colorado (85% complete) and Nebraska (89% complete) starting to wind down and South Dakota well over half done. Much of South Dakota’s crop, especially in the western part of the state, ended up being baled for animal feed. In contrast, the Pacific Northwest is just now getting into the swing of harvest with expectations of higher yields from Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The crop conditions in those 3 states are averaging above 70% in the good to excellent category despite recent temperatures of over 100 F (38 C) with dry windy conditions prevailing.

There are now 354 samples of an expected 530 in the lab representing Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, the majority of Colorado and the majority of Nebraska. Test weight increased slightly this week to 60.1 lb/bu (79.1 kg/hl) up from last week’s 60.0 lb/bu (78.9 kg/hl) which keeps the overall average of this crop in the #1HRW grade. Protein did decrease slightly this week to 11.2% and is equivalent to the final overall average last year. Thousand Kernel Weight (TKW) increased significantly this week to 30.5g, up from 30.1g last week. The average Falling Number (FN) this week of 372 is comparable to last week’s 367 and last year’s overall 392. Early mill and dough data will be available in next week’s report.

All data presented are simple averages of samples tested and are not weighted for production.

Harvest Summary

*Not all 354 completed

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 21 2017