July 19th, 2013

Harvest of the 2013 HRW crop is all but complete in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas with less than 1% yet to be harvested in those states. However, wide spread precipitation over the central US during the last week has slowed progress into other states. Colorado now stands at 52% complete with the southern half of the state now winding down, while harvest is still in full swing in the central and northeastern parts of the state. Colorado, like the other southern and central Plains states has severe drought and freeze damage to the crop, so yield and kernel characteristics are highly variable across the state (most severe in the southeastern areas). Nebraska is now 41% complete with harvest with most remaining areas to be cut being in the southwestern and far western areas. Like other states mentioned, Nebraska’s yield, test weight and protein have been wide ranging and are a function of prevailing weather conditions during plant development. Wyoming has done some test cutting, but has yet to move into full scale cutting across most of the wheat producing area.

Due to precipitation over the majority of the central and southern Plains little harvesting was done this week. Data related to sampling this week is an update on additional testing on the 255 samples already in the lab. TKW increased by a tenth of a gram over last week, moisture decreased by one-tenth of percent and falling number decreased by three points this week.

Harvest Summary