July 19

The 2019 HRW wheat harvest continues to make rapid progress through the central Great Plains as dry weather and heat dominate the prevailing weather pattern. Texas is now 99% complete with harvest as is Oklahoma (remaining at 99% complete) with the final 1% left to cut in both states due to having a very few fields with mudholes or other weather induced delays.  Kansas is now 91% harvested and winding down rapidly.  The only major area of the state continuing to have significant acres left to cut is northwest Kansas.  Colorado has also picked up the pace of harvest this week (35% complete) as southeast Colorado continues to wind down.  East central Colorado is in the full swing of harvest while northeast areas of the state are just now getting underway.  Nebraska continues to move along with harvest (28% complete) mostly in the southern parts of the state as test cutting is projected to start in the far west and northwestern areas late this weekend or early next week.  South Dakota is now seeing limited test cutting.  Harvest is just now starting to get into full swing in the Pacific Northwest with (Washington 7% complete), Oregon (11% complete) and Idaho (4% complete).

A total of 238 samples are now in the lab and in various stages of analysis.  Those 238 samples represent a geographical area ranging from all of Texas, across all of Oklahoma and an estimated 85% of Kansas.  The test weight average of those samples now averages (1HRW) 60.3 lb/bu (79.3 kg/hl) up from last week’s (1HRW) 60.1 lb/bu (79.1 kg/hl), average dockage remains unchanged this week at 0.5%, total defects decreased slightly down from 1.6% last week to 1.4% this week.  Average protein remained consistent across the 238 samples this week at 11.3%.  The general trend of protein was lower this week, but not significant enough to lower the overall average.  Updated Thousand Kernel Weight (TKW) testing this week (32.5g overall average) continues to significantly exceed the Gulf export 5-year average of 29.2g.

Harvest Summary