July 18th, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is virtually over in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas with cutting only being done in isolated fields as broadleaf and grassy weeds have taken over many fields harvested or not. Rain continues to be a factor in Colorado and on a more limited basis in Nebraska. As harvest has progressed northward reported yields have increased significantly, now commonly 40 – 50 bu/ac. (2.7 – 3.4 tons/ha). Test weights have also increased and are consistently above 60 lb/bu (78.9 kg/hl). These increases are reflective of harvest moving out of the most drought and late freeze affected production areas.

Harvest has is now underway in Washington (7% harvested), Oregon (9% harvested) and Idaho (8% harvested). High temperatures in the upper 90’s (37 degrees C) to low 100’s (40 degrees C) throughout all three states has hastened the maturity of the crop. Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana have not yet started harvesting. Two-thirds of Montana’s winter wheat crop is rated good to excellent, but recent dry weather and temperatures in the 90’s (37 degrees C) is starting to stress the crop as water demand by the plant peaks.

293 samples have now been submitted to the lab for evaluation. As harvest has progressed northward (as indicated above) kernel characteristics have improved. Overall average test weight and TKW have increased while S&B percentages have decreased. Protein did decrease slightly (0.2%), but is still averaging 13.8%.

Click here to download a PDF of the PGI Harvest Summary of HRW July 18 2014


Harvest Summary

*Partial Data