July 17th, 2015

The 2015 HRW wheat harvest continues in high gear or is essentially in the books for nearly all producing states with the exception of Wyoming and North Dakota. North Dakota continues to see precipitation especially in the northern and northeastern parts of the state. Harvest is virtually over in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and has been slowed in Colorado and Nebraska due to rain. South Dakota is now 15% complete with harvest with high heat and humidity continuing across the state. Montana (17% complete), Washington (22% complete), Oregon (33% complete) and Idaho (18% complete) are all well ahead normal harvest progress for this date as an abnormally hot and dry spring pushed the crop to early maturity. These same areas are also seeing sporadic rain storms accompanied by hail which has caused crop losses and lodging.

There are now 245 of an expected 530 samples in the lab for evaluation. Protein decreased by one-tenth of a percentage point from last week (12.7% to 12.6%), but still a very good average and slightly below the 2014 final average of 13.3%. Test weight has continued to increase as harvest has move northward, now with an overall average of 58.6 lb/bu. (77.1 Kg/hl) as compared to 58.5 lb/bu (77.0 kg/hl) last week. The FN average increased slightly this week to 390 sec. and is comparable to the 2014 overall average of 387 sec. The TKW overall average this week increased another 0.7g to 28.6g, and continues its steady increase each week.

Click link to download a PDF of the PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 17 2015

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data