July 12th, 2013

Harvest of the 2013 HRW crop continues to rapidly wind down in the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Texas is now 91% complete with almost all wheat left to cut being in the extreme northwestern part of the state (Panhandle). Oklahoma is almost completely done with 97% of the crop now harvested Kansas is also making rapid progress (87% complete) with the southern two-thirds now wrapping up and the northern one-third winding down. Colorado is now 25% complete with the majority of that being in the southern two-thirds of the eastern half of the state. That area has reported yields from 0 – 20 bushels per acre (0 – 1.3 tons per hectare) due to drought and freeze damage, while what little cutting that has been done in the northern areas has been ranging from 30 – 40 bushels per acre (2.0 – 2.7 tons per hectare). Nebraska is now 15% complete with harvest ranging from the southeastern parts of the state winding down to the far north and western areas either not started or having just begun.

An additional 100 samples were delivered to the lab this week (255 of an expected 500) and are in various stages of evaluation. As was noted last week, the majority of samples with reported data are from the drought and freeze affected areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas (and now southeast Colorado) and is still being reflected in the data summary for this week. Average dockage remains higher than 2012 by 0.15% due to the lighter kernels in this crop being harder to separate from dockage during the harvesting process. Test weight remained the same this week while protein decreased by 0.1%, but still very good at an overall average of 13%. Test weight and thousand kernel weight, while still lower than desired, is expected to improve as more samples are evaluated from the central and eastern areas of the Great Plains.

Harvest Summary