July 11th, 2014

The 2014 HRW wheat harvest is quickly winding down in Texas (95% complete), Oklahoma (98% complete), Kansas (85% complete) and in southeastern Colorado. Rain continues to slow the wrap up of harvest in those areas. Test weights in many areas of central and southern Kansas have dropped over the last few weeks from what were 60 lb/bu – 62 lb/bu (78.9 – 81.5 kg/hl) to now 55 lb/bu – 57 lb/bu (72.5 – 75.1 kg/hl). The central areas of western Kansas have been hit hard by hail storms reducing their yields to 15 bu/ac to 20 bu/ac (1.0 – 1.3 tons/ha). Northern Kansas has been averaging over 50 bu/ac (3.4 tons/ha), 59 lb/bu to 60 lb/bu (77.6 – 78.9 kg/hl) and 13.0% to 13.5% protein. Scattered reports of IDK and isolated sprout damage in Kansas have been noted, but has been very limited and not expected to affect overall crop quality. Colorado has suffered more losses in yield because of hail events than rain, but the rain continues to affect harvest progress. General overall reports as cutting has progressed northward includes higher yields, good test weights and very good protein.

As of Thursday morning 55 new samples had been collected, but logistics to the lab were not timely enough to include data in this report. While total number of samples did not increase this week, selected data from last week has been updated to reflect completed TKW testing on all samples submitted to date. Overall average TKW increased with the inclusion of the most recent samples by 0.8g this week to 27.5g. This is 1.5g above the overall average of the 2013 crop.

Click here for a PDF of the PGI Harvest Summary of HRW July 11 2014

Harvest Summary

*Partial Data