July 10th, 2015

Texas and Oklahoma are all but finished with the 2015 HRW wheat harvest. Kansas is rapidly winding down with 85% of their crop now harvested. Colorado is 23% and Nebraska 22% complete with harvest. Both states had numerous rain showers over the past week slowing or stopping harvest all together. Northern Montana also received precipitation this past week after continued hot weather, but much of it was in the form of hail causing localize extensive damage to the crop.

172 samples (approximately one-third of the total expected) are now in the lab. Protein increased this week by 0.2 of a percent to 12.7% overall. This compares to 12.5% last week and 13.3% last year. Wheat falling numbers increase this week as well to 388 sec. and compares closely to the 2014 average of 387 seconds. All other factors changed only slightly from last week if at all.

Harvest Summary

* Partial Data