PGI HRW Harvest Summary July 9 2021

7/8/2021: HRW harvest progress was slowed again this week due to scattered rain showers and high humidity either keeping combines out of the field or only allowing a late afternoon start. These conditions prevailed all the way from Texas to Nebraska keep all states behind the 5-year average percent harvested acres for this date historically.
Texas and Oklahoma continue to wind down the 2021 HRW wheat harvest (92% and 95% respectively). The remaining acres in eastern and southern areas of both states not cut yet are potentially facing quality issues from too much rain and high humidity as lower test weights. Some limited sprout damage has been reported in both states.
Kansas, (now 73% complete with harvest) with most acres remaining to be cut in the northwestern areas of the state. As is the case in Texas and Oklahoma, rain and its effect on quality continues to be a concern for the remain acres to be harvested in Kansas with some sprout damage being reported.
There are now 188 samples in various stages of testing with kernel data still being the most current. Overall, average yields are still being reported to range generally between 40 bu/ac (2.69 tons/ha) to 60 bu/ac (4.0 tons/ha). Test weight is averaging 62.0 lb/bu (81.5 kg/hl) although some areas continue to see reduced test weights because of the continued rain showers. Protein is averaging 11.0% overall with average TKW at 32.3g. Dockage average over all 188 samples is 0.5%. Average Falling Number this week is 283 seconds.
There are now 188 samples in the USDA lab originating from Texas/Oklahoma/Kansas. Subsamples are in route to a FGIS lab for grading (grading information for first 114 samples)