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Harvest Report June 29, 2023

Harvest continues in Texas and Oklahoma and is beginning to pick up in Kansas. Read this week’s Harvest report below. PGI Harvest Report 06-29-2023

PGI Harvest Summary September 16, 2022

This week will wrap up the weekly 2022 HRW reports.  However, a final report will be issued when all testing is complete, and data has been evaluated (approximately 2 weeks).  As was […]Read More

PGI HRW Harvest Summary Aug 26 2022

The 2022 HRW wheat harvest continues in Idaho (now estimated at 56% complete vs the 5-year average of 85% on this date) as hot temperatures now prevail from northern through southwest Idaho […]Read More

PGI HRW Harvest Summary August 5, 2022

Hot, dry, and windy weather continues to be the dominate factor of the 2022 HRW wheat harvest.  The states of Colorado (99%) complete, Nebraska (97%) complete, Wyoming (99%) complete are all but […]Read More

PGI HRW Harvest Summary 7 29 2022

The HRW wheat harvest has moved very quickly over the past week with Colorado (91%), Nebraska (89%), Wyoming (85%) and South Dakota (73%) completed.  Combines continue to roll as well further north […]Read More