August 9, 2013

All states south of Nebraska are now complete with the 2013 HRW wheat harvest, Nebraska is now at 98% complete with the remaining 2% to be harvested being in the far northwest part of the state. Wyoming is also close to completion with less than 20% remaining to be harvested. South Dakota is now 59% harvested, well behind the long term average of over 80% harvested by this date. North Dakota is just now getting into the full swing of HRW harvest with 15% cut and no reports of quality at this point.

Montana has been hit hard over the last week with wide spread hail storms affecting virtually all parts of the state (the southern and eastern half of the state was hardest hit). Reported hail losses have ranged from 30% – 50%. Test weights being reported prior to the hail storms moving through ranged from 58 lb/bu – 63 lb/bu (76.4 – 82.8 kg/hl) and yields ranging from 30 bu/ac – 70 bu/ac (2.0 – 4.7 tons/ha).

HRW harvest was delayed in Washington and Idaho this week by rain (with some hail losses being reported in each state). Oregon is reporting dryer than normal conditions and harvest moving quickly. Of the extremely limited number of reported HRW samples (Washington/Oregon) indicate lower test weight, higher protein content, and similar falling number values when compared to last year.

Partial testing now indicates the overall wheat protein of 13.1% (12% basis) significantly exceeds the 2012 protein of (12.6%) and the 5-year average of (12.0%). Overall flour protein of 12.7% (14% basis) significantly exceeds the 2012 protein of (11.5%) and 5-year average of (10.7%). Overall average thousand kernel weight is now 25 grams.

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Harvest Summary

(* partial)